Terms and conditions

Under this contract, the landlord Llar de Llevant Foment, Sl, rents the tenant______________________________________________________ the Elnagh Iloft 530 motorhome with 1226KKR registration, under the terms and conditions set out in this agreement. In any case, the tenant, with the signature, accepts all the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS RENTAL CONTRACT. The tenant also assumes the particular conditions of the rates that he has assigned at all times.


Documentation to be submitted by the tenant, original and photocopies of the DNI, driver's license, credit card (No debit) to carry out the deposit of the deposit. Authorized drivers must also present, original and photocopy of DNI and driver's license. All documents must be in force. Documents expiring their expiration.

Driver The driver or drivers of the vehicle must be over 30 years old and be in possession of a Class B driving permit, more than 4 years old. In the case of not being a resident of the EU you must be in possession of the current international driving license. They are only authorized to drive, the person or persons, identified and accepted by the landlord, and that are reflected in the document "Authorized Conductors" (Document B). Two authorized drivers for rent are accepted. Adding an authorized third party driver costs € 30 including VAT.

Use of the vehicle

It is expressly prohibited:

* Convey more number of people than allowed by law,

* Carry out races, do not respect the traffic signals

* transport of goods or objects, whether or not permitted by our legislation,

* Cede your use for profit or profit,

* subversive

* Use the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles or trailers.

* Circulate by non-asphalted or regulated routes, except areas authorized for this purpose (campsites, service areas, parking, etc.).

* Circulate outside the regulatory channels, if the vehicle is stuck or injured outside these NO regulations and should be removed for cranes and special services, the tenant will bear these costs, without limitation of the € 1200 deposit, already That these costs are usually very high.

* Smoking in the motorhome. If the landlord verifies that it has been smoked, it is authorized to consider it as a fault, assuming the tenant the cost of deodorization, valued at € 200 cleaning and in the event of not being able to deliver the vehicle to the next tenant, the compensation costs per reservation.

* Manipulate any mechanical, electronic element that can alter its correct operation, having to immediately notify the landlord any failure of the same.

* Vary any technical characteristics of the vehicle such as keys, locks, equipment, tools or accessories. Make modifications of its exterior or interior appearance, except express written authorization from the landlord. In case of violation of this article, the tenant will run with all the expenses of reconditioning the vehicle in its original state, and also have to pay compensation for the immobilisation of the vehicle until it is fully repaired.

* No pets are allowed.

* It is not allowed to enter narrow streets of local centers,

* It is not allowed to remove tables and chairs in areas not camped.

Delivery of the vehicle

The delivery of the vehicle will take place at the agreed place, date and time, delivering a complete set of keys as well as the documentation. The loss of the keys entails the payment of € 400 replacement cost of the same. The loss of the documentation entails a cost of € 300. These costs will be deducted from the deposit. The tenant agrees, before delivery of the vehicle, to come in sufficient time to receive instructions on the operation of the vehicle, in addition to participating in the vehicle revision and signature of the document Vehicle State in the delivery and Inventory content to the vehicle (Document D). The non-presentation of the tenant at the place of delivery without prior notice, on the date indicated in the contract, will be considered as unilateral termination of the contract and of the reservation by the client, with a penalty of 100% of the amount Reservation will also entitle the landlord to have the reserved vehicle without the tenant having the right to any type of compensation or compensation. Delays in the return, unauthorized, will be penalized with a daily rate of three times the amount applied in the contract

Any justified cause of force majeure that prevents the return on the agreed day, must be communicated immediately to the landlord so that it accepts it. Otherwise, it will be considered as unauthorized delay. If you decide to return the vehicle before the scheduled date, you will not be entitled to any refund. If the tenant wishes to extend the lease, he must apply to the landlord at least three days before the end of the contract.

Any alteration of rental dates must be previously authorized by the landlord. Failure to comply with this condition empowers the landlord to take over the vehicle or demand it legally. Likewise, the landlord reserves the right to obtain the return of the vehicle at any time during the validity of this contract if its use contravenes what is available in it. In the return of the vehicle by termination of the rent, in which the tenant is not present in the inspection of the same by causes attributable to him, delivery by mailbox or no availability, and damage is detected in the vehicle, the tenant accepts the valuation of the damages resulting from the inspection carried out by the landlord's personnel. The deposit will be returned after the vehicle is examined by a person in charge of the leasing company, which in case of malfunctioning will dictate the amount that the customer will have to pay. This amount will be deducted from the deposited deposit, accepting the tenant the payment of the difference if the cost of the damages exceeds the value of the deposit deposited. In the event that the damage is not possible immediately, the landlord will have 30 days for the return if the remaining amount of the deposit is deducted after the amount of repair of the damages or damages caused has been deducted.

Fuel costs are borne by the tenant. The vehicle is delivered with the fully filled gas tank, the liter of diesel that the landlord must add until the deposit is completed, will be billed at the price of € 2 the liter. The vehicle will be returned internally, otherwise an additional € 60 will be charged for cleaning. Wastewater and toilet tanks must also be empty, otherwise a penalty of € 60 will be applied. Filling the potable water tank with diesel or other fuel will imply a penalty for the loss of the entire deposit.


The lessee expressly agrees to pay the landlord: In order to make a reservation, a payment of 100% of the total rental value must be made.

  1. In case of cancellation of the reservation the penalty will be: a. 50% in case of missing 30 days or more, b. 80% if there are between 16 days and 30 days c. 100% if there is less than 15 days left for the rental start date.
  2. At the time of materialization of the rental contact, the corresponding charge for the rental time in cash, plus the deposit of € 1200 by credit card.
  3. The mileage is unlimited.
  4. The additional charges that arise if the vehicle is left in another place or city, without the authorization of the landlord, is the responsibility of the tenant.
  5. The amount of all kinds of fines, judicial and extrajudicial expenses derived from any traffic or other offense, which are directed against the vehicle, the tenant or the lessor, derived from the validity period of this Rental agreement, unless caused by the lessor's fault.
  6. In the event that the vehicle is detained or seized by the tenant's fault, all expenses will be borne by him. Including the ceasing profit of the leasing company for the duration of the immobilisation of the vehicle.
  7. Expenses incurred by the lessor (including fees of lawyers and solicitors) in the claim of the amounts due by the lessee under this contract.
  8. The vehicle has full-risk insurance with a tax deduction of € 1200 (it does not include the personal effects of the tenant and accompanying persons). In the event of an accident or theft, the lessee will pay the amount of € 1200 per claim.
  9. The vehicle incorporates a GPS tracking device with speed monitoring. In the case of exceeding 120 km / h, a penalty of € 90 will be applied (each time that limit is exceeded) regardless of traffic fines, deducted from the deposit.
  10. The € 1200 deposit deposited by the tenant will serve to cover expenses in the event of a claim or another event in which the insurer must intervene using the insurance franchise. It will also serve to cover the possible penalties detailed in this document (deliver the vehicle without cleaning, penalties for speeding, loss of keys, internal defects of the vehicle, etc.). If the deposited deposit is not sufficient to cover the cost of the deposit, the possible penalties or other internal defects, the lessee agrees to make the payment of the difference in a period never exceeding 48 hours from the day of the return of the vehicle or end of the contract period.

Accidents, theft, maintenance, breakdowns.

  1. In the event of an accident, the landlord must be notified immediately, in a reliable manner, and never within a period of more than 24 hours, under penalty of being at the expense of what the insurance company resolves.
  2. Not acknowledge or prejudge the responsibility of the fact, except the "Friendly Declaration of Accidents." The tenant will have to obtain all the information from the opposite party and the witnesses, who together with the details of the accident will send in the term indicated to the landlord. Notify the accident immediately to the authorities if there is guilty of the opposite.
  3. Do not leave the vehicle without taking the appropriate measures to protect it and safeguard it. Contact if necessary with the Roadside Assistance Company contracted with the Insurer.
  4. In the event of theft or theft of the vehicle, the competent authority shall be reported immediately, communicating it and sending a copy of the complaint to the lessor within a maximum period of 24 hours, together with the keys of the vehicle, leaving no effect Otherwise, the insurance and coverage contracted.
  5. In case of non-fulfillment by the lessee of any of these measures, if applicable, the landlord may claim to the lessee damages caused by negligence of it, including the ceasing profit of the company Landlord for the duration of the immobilization of the vehicle.
  6. The normal mechanical wear of the vehicle is assumed by the landlord. When the duration of the route so advises, the necessary maintenance operations must be carried out in an official FIAT service. In the case of breakdowns the tenant is only authorized to carry out them with authorization at an official FIAT service workshop. The breakage of tires and / or stinging of them is always borne by the tenant, except in the case of poor assembly or manufacturing failure.
  7. In case of a loss or breakdown, and the repair does not exceed 72 hours during the rental period, it is the tenant's obligation to repair the vehicle, and return to the point of return thereof with the end of the period of time by which the vehicle has leased. In case of need, in this case the insurance company covers hotel nights while repairs last.
  8. Stop the vehicle as soon as possible when any testimony that indicates anomaly in the operation of the vehicle is illuminated, having to contact the landlord or with the Assistance Company arranged by the landlord and only with this, having to go exclusively to an official FIAT service, unless expressly authorized by the landlord.
  9. In case of breakage or damage to any part of the interior or exterior of the motorhome the tenant is obliged to inform the landlord within a period not exceeding 24 hours from detected anomaly or breakage. In this way, the landlord will be able to have more time to acquire the corresponding replacement to repair the vehicle and thus not harm the next client.
  10. If there is an accident with a friendly party and the opposite is the fault, the deposit will not be returned until the opposite company accepts the payment.


  1. The landlord delivers the vehicle in perfect condition, having carried out all the checks and maintenance necessary for its proper operation. It will not be responsible for mechanical failures or breakdown due to its normal deterioration, nor is it responsible for expenses, delays or damages in any way produced, directly or indirectly as a result of such failures or breakdowns.
  2. If due to causes of force majeure, fortuitous reasons or other people's to the lessor, the vehicle could not be delivered on the agreed date, this will not give rise to any compensation except for the return by the lessor to the lessee of the amount paid as a reservation.


  1. Any discrepancies that may arise between tenant and lessor shall be submitted to the courts corresponding to the landlord's domicile.



LESSOR (ARRENDADOR)                                          LESSEE(CLIENT)

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