• Where can I sleep?

    The motorhome for all purposes is a tourist, therefore, you can park anywhere where it is allowed to park passenger cars. Normally they usually look for quieter places or specialized areas, tell us your route and we will provide you good overnight sites.

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  • At what time can I travel?

    Contrary to what most people think, the motorhome can be used at any time of the year. The motorhome has a powerful heating that distributes the heat through an air circuit throughout the vehicle. In addition, it has hot water. Suffice it to say that it is increasingly common to find these vehicles in ski resorts.

  • Do you deliver the clean caravan? How do you have to return?

    Before handing over each rental motorhome, we check it and thoroughly clean it to sanitize it and leave it in perfect condition for the use and enjoyment of the stay. However, the motorhome has to be returned clean inside and with the dirty water and toilet cassettes empty and clean. We have additional cleaning service at a cost of 60 euros.

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  • What can affect the return of the deposit?

    From the deposit are deducted the damages / accidents that may arise, interior and exterior, not to return the diesel tank to its initial level, the cleaning in case of not having it contracted and of not returning it clean, not having emptied the WC cassettes and of gray water. A delay in the return that harms the next customer. As well as covering any deterioration due to misuse or theft of the extras included, such as bicycles or camping furniture.

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  • Can I leave the country with the motorhome?

    Motorhome insurance and roadside assistance offer coverage throughout the EU. However, our service focuses on the island of Mallorca. It is allowed as an exception to embark it to go to the European continent only in case the driver can provide guarantees of his experience in use and driving in caravans.It is not allowed to leave European borders.

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  • When do I get the amount of the deposit refunded?

    To check the motorhomes the company reserves a maximum period of 72 hours after the return of the vehicle. However, at the time of the return, a first on-site review is made with the client. It will only take more days for the return of the deposit in case of incident to be able to prepare the budget, as well as in the case of loss.

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  • What should I take into account when driving a motorhome if I have only driven cars?

    The driving of the motorhomes is very simple since their diesel engines are very easy to treat. The difference lies in the size, but the length and width are perfectly checked by the mirrors and one is accustomed to its dimensions.What you have to have as a special precaution is the height for the passage of certain roads, bridges, balconies, height limiters in gas stations, parking, tolls and especially with the branches of trees both when driving and when parking.It is important to check before not only the length but also the height since our experience indicates that it is the critical point of driving. Our motorhome reaches 3.20 m so you have to take into account the limitations.

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  • Is the water in the motorhome potable?

    No, it is advisable not to drink / cook water from the reservoir of the motorhome. Only sanitary uses (shower, cleaning, etc.). The clean water tank is often filled with service stations whose water is not potable.

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  • What should I do if the motorhome suffers a mechanical / functional breakdown?

    In any case, you must contact FreedomisMyLife by phone, to assess the type of fault and find the best way to solve it. Depending on the importance and severity if it were a breakdown that prevented the trip from continuing, the trip would be aborted. If it is for reasons of misuse or accident, it would not imply return of pending days. In case of failure due to malfunctioning of the vehicle, it would proceed to return the outstanding days plus one compensation.

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  • What license is needed to rent a motorhome?

    The driver must be in possession of a Class B driving license with more than four years old or the corresponding national permit. If you are not a resident of the EU, you must be in possession of the international driving license.

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