The importance of safety and comfort when renting a motorhome in Mallorca

The motorhome, in recent years, has had an increase in users.Traveling in a motorhome is a different experience if you have never done it before.In FreedomIsMyLife we ​​know that many times doubts can arise when renting a motorhome for the first time.

The main concerns are usually:

* Make the trip as comfortable as possible,

* Carry everything you need,

* Ease of driving,

* Security ...

We give you some keys to travel by car and that the journey is comfortable and you can enjoy at all times.Safety is essential, not only on board the motorhome, but also in relation to the characteristics of the vehicle itself. 

The motorhome has five belt anchorages, ABS brakes, gas and narcotics alarm, rear camera, rear parking sensors, double lock on doors ... A whole series of elements to reinforce safety and comfort during the trip.Our motorhome is perfectly equipped to cook the vast majority of foods. It has an oven to offer a clean and healthy kitchen, wherever you are.

The motorhome will become our home and to achieve a warm and comfortable environment when temperatures are cold, it has a very efficient centralized heating system. Currently these vehicles come with an optimal insulation to withstand extreme temperatures.For the summer it has a fan-extractor that serves to ventilate the cabin and give a sensation of notorious freshness.

Sleep is a complex biological process that helps you stay healthy and feel rested. When we travel and discover new and exciting corners, the level of physical exercise increases significantly. Having a restful and comfortable sleep is basic to be able to take advantage of the days of adventure and fun.

The beds are with slatted beds. They provide excellent comfort. We offer different types of pillows so that the client can choose the one that is to his liking.We offer blankets or quilts depending on the destination and the time we travel.  In short, a comfortable trip, it's an easy trip. We work to make the stay pleasant and that the memories of it, are positive and unforgettable.

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